Regardless of whether you place an order, rate products based on your personal experience, share our website address or tell us your birthdays – you will receive bonus points for this.

The collected bonus points are exactly what they should be – discount as a loyalty bonus. With enough points, some products even become free!

If you have any questions about these bonus points, please contact our hotline directly. You already have points at PROnatur24® and want to transfer them to SFERICS®. You can also contact the hotline for this.

Overview of bonus points in the cockpit
Overview of bonus points in the cockpit
  • Register a customer account to activate the cockpit (so that we can book and collect points).
  • Always log into the Cockpit before placing an order.
  • You can find the current status of bonus points directly in the cockpit under the menu item “Bonus points & Achievements”
Redeem bonus points
  • Always log into the Cockpit before placing an order. This also has the convenient additional advantage that you no longer have to enter a delivery address when placing an order.
  • You can always find the field for redeeming bonus points at the bottom of the page, directly in the shopping cart and on the checkout page.
  • In this field we inform you about the total number of available bonus points and their discount value. You can decide for yourself how many bonus points should be redeemed (and also remove them again to correct them).
Select and redeem the number of bonus points
  • 50 points correspond to a discount of € 1.
  • Each generated bonus point can be redeemed for 1 year.
  • There is a limit of a maximum of 5.000 bonus points per order.
  • Only verified product reviews! You must have bought the product to be rated from us so that we can be sure that you actually know it. We only accept real reviews.
  • The bonus points received from a completed order can be used immediately for the next order.
  • Bonus points are available exclusively for end customers. Affiliates and merchants are blocked from this rewards program.

With the use of our bonus points, the following is agreed:

Bonus points are a voluntary additional service provided by Webdeals Shops GmbH without any legal claim for the customer, so bonus points are not an integral part of a product order. In the event of misuse or suspected manipulation, Webdeals Shops GmbH has the right to correct or delete bonus points, to block customer accounts for this bonus program and to end the bonus point program at any time (even without prior notice). Bonus points cannot be redeemed for cash. Bonus points can only be transferred to third parties by means of a written agreement. The legal process is excluded. The general terms and conditions of Webdeals Shops GmbH apply.


Bonus points on the product page
Bonus points on the product page
Bonus points in cart
Bonus points in cart
Bonus points in checkout
Bonus points in checkout