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Transforming the Investment into Full EMF Protection for Free

The SFERICS® invest4life program means the complete refinancing of the investment in one of our selected EMF full protection products within a few years!

Through our building biology network of professionals, we have exclusive access to high-tech products. A brilliant product from this range is perfect for refinancing an investment in health.

Our highly effective full EMF protection thus becomes indirectly free of charge within a few years.


By effectively reducing fixed household costs, the investment is indirectly refinanced. And thereafter, the cost savings continue unabated. And the best part: We include this high-tech product as a free gift. Just like that!

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Water Consumption AND Costs

Especially with everyday topics, cost reduction is most sustainable. However, any savings are only enjoyable in the long term if they do not negatively affect daily comfort.

We have recognized that daily water consumption is ideally suited for permanent cost reduction.

Therefore, we specifically target water consumption for showering and hand washing. The ecoturbino® shower adapter is a high-tech product from the B2B sector that intelligently reduces water consumption by 40 percent without compromising comfort under the water stream. Water is definitely too precious to continue pouring it down the drain in the usual amounts.

ecoturbino® reduces water costs in a household of four by over 400 euros per year, or over 100 euros per consumer! And this advantage is repeated every year. The continuously rising water costs consist of fresh water, energy consumption for hot water, and wastewater.

By the way, a key function of ecoturbino® is also the significant reduction of limescale, grime, and legionella due to the draining function integrated into the adapter.

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Is there a catch? No!
Does it cost extra? No!
It just works!

Tested, certified, and awarded. Multiple times.

TÜV Austria
EU Ecolabel
Water into the drain

It has always been our aim to provide all interested people with the opportunity to acquire our highly effective full EMF protection products to safeguard their own health. We are convinced: “A healthy body is essential for a fulfilling life.

We cannot reduce the production costs of a canopy against electrosmog (costs of raw materials and manual labor). However, we can effectively reduce fixed costs through water consumption and help lower costs. This way, the canopy indirectly pays for itself.

The 7-in-1 Effect of ecoturbino®
7-in-1 impact of ecoturbino
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Our Gift with 100% Effectiveness

An ecoturbino® Deluxe Upgrade Set is included for free with selected full EMF protection products. Look directly for the invest4life seal.

By the way: using ecoturbino® is a direct contribution to environmental protection!

Conserving natural resources is more important today than ever. Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly significant problem worldwide. Ecology and environmental protection are two essential topics in building biology and biologically healthy living (building biology).

It’s not just about reducing water consumption. Achieving this is not very difficult, but it often leads to a poor showering experience. Unpleasant, prickly water jets on the skin and water spraying in all directions due to calcified nozzles. Basic rule: a solution that creates a new problem is not a real solution!

ecoturbino® | anything but an ordinary water reducer

ecoturbino® | the original, is a solution for real showering pleasure despite significantly less water consumption.

This is made possible by a special turbine design inside, which creates a highly turbulent water/air mixture.

Thanks to this engineering, costs are permanently saved when showering from the very first use. Cost savings of around 40 percent on water, wastewater, and hot water generation (electricity, gas, oil, etc.) – without reducing the intensity of the shower stream on the skin.

  • 100% comfort, enjoyment, and refreshment while showering
  • Permanent cleaning of the shower hose and showerhead, maximally preventing deposits, biofilm, and limescale
  • Can be installed in a few minutes with a few simple steps.
ecoturbino adapter silver

Unscrew the old. Screw in the new. Done!

Installing the shower adapter and new showerhead takes only a few minutes. The existing shower hose is simply reused (and will be completely cleaned inside within the first few weeks).

Get under the bubble water stream of a literal champagne shower!

Once installed – out of your clothes and under the new high-tech shower.

A completely new water-bubble shower experience awaits. Enthusiastic customers repeatedly share their joy under this sparkling champagne shower.

This is how saving money works today. Protect the environment with full comfort!

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