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the building biology contact
for effective EMF shielding and data protection.

Regardless of whether it is a commercial EMC requirement for the data center or a private concern for protection against mobile phone radiation and the neighbour’s WIFI. Through our combination of building biology, measurement technology, certified materials and products, the planned shielding project is a guaranteed success.

SFERICS® emerged from PROnatur24® with the specialization in building biology and measurement technology and is more than just an online shop. For people and for companies. For office, for home office and for a healthy place to sleep. For the EMF professional as well as for the layman who wants to read up on this complex topic of shielding.

Each individual product is described in a correspondingly simple manner and yet rich in details for the EMF professional – when every single dB counts!

SFERICS® is the professional EMF contact for everyone

Help with classes

Two special performance classes in the high-quality product range!

We use two performance classes to identify the best performing products for each type of material. SFERICS® ultra means MAXIMUM, followed by SFERICS® pro.

All shielding products meet the “high shielding” standard. Purely outstanding products make it into our shop.

SFERICS® ultra
SFERICS® class pro
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Effective EMF materials

make up our wide range. The flexibility that this enables ensures effective and budget-friendly room shielding.

Expert report image

Certificate and report

for shielding fabric, shielding paint, shielding wallpaper, … are TÜV-SÜD certified. Screening attenuation HF confirmed with expert report.

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EMF Sofortschutz

richtet sich an Menschen in Mietwohnungen. Speziell optimiert für Situationen mit reduzierten baulichen Optionen.

4 top selling products


Shielding stainless steel gauze

Stainless steel gauze V4A03 with shielding up to 50 dB against HF electrosmog. Groundable. Ideal for exterior walls. Effective against 5G! Feedimage.

€ 13,90 /Meter



Shielding mesh

Shielding netting HNG80 for laying. Up to 80 dB screening attenuation against electrosmog HF (RF) + NF. 90cm width. Effective against 5G! Feedimage

€ 17,90 /Meter


Sleeping bag set

Electrosmog protection, on the go

Shielding sleeping bag Electrosmog PRO | mobile radiation protection against WIFI, cell phone, LTE, 5G, ... with efficiency over 99.99% (42 dB) | free-standing, without ceiling suspension | LF groundable. Feedimage.

€ 405,90


LED DuoLight

Full spectrum with color change

12 watt LED full spectrum DuoLight | 3 light colors with a click: daylight + warm light + neutral light, 1000 lumens | CRI 95 | flickerfree | E27 | business quality. Feedimage.

€ 33,70


Our ultra product for tenants in detail

CANOPY ultra

EMF full protection in a set. The daily
reset for restful sleep.

Shielding canopy Electrosmog PRO | DOUBLE BED resp. GRAND KING SIZE | Shielding RF radiation ober 99.99% (48 dB). Groundable. Effective against 5G! Feedimage.

€ 2.049,90