In the Sferics® network, the focus is on human!

SFERICS® is the result of 10 years of building biology and measurement technology work for the health of people by PROnatur24® and numerous partners who have been with us since this time. And we are constantly expanding this network with new professional partners.

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Examples of industries that fit perfectly into the SFERICS® network:
Electrician | building biology | measurement technician | EMC specialist | interior decorator | sleep therapy | environmental medicine | naturopath

Baubiologie Blank

Building biology Blank | Germany | 65197 Wiesbaden

ATMOS Baubiologie

ATMOS Building biology | Germany | 83435 Bad Reichenhall

Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik

Dr. Moldan environmental analytics | Germany | 97346 Iphofen


30nT Electrosmog measurement | Germany | 72818 Trochtelfingen

F-Energie Logo

Infrared heating &
Innovative energy systems| Germany | 888131 Lindau

Golden Technik Logo

Golden Technik Electrical engineering | Austria | 1210 Wien

Ozean Ganzheitliche Therapiekonzepte

Ozean | Osteopathy | Austria | 6800 Feldkirch

Zentrum Seewald Logo

Immunotherapy and causal medicine | Austria | 6900 Bregenz

SFERICS® carries selected products from various brands, such as

yshield logo
Biologa Danell Logo
Swiss Shield Logo
biolicht Logo
natur-nah Logo
eWall Logo
Eltako brand
Gigahertz Solutions Logo
EMFields Logo
Testboy Logo