Sferics (sometimes also atmospheric impulse radiation) is the impulsive occurrence of electromagnetic waves of natural origin within the earth’s atmosphere.

Sferics were already registered at the beginning of radio technology in the early 20th century, since they could be perceived as crackling and cracking in radio receivers. Sferics is a collective term for “weather sferics”, “geophysical sferics” and “Schuhmann resonances”.

Sferics are very short wave packets, often consisting of just a few oscillations, which are caused by charge shifts and air migration in the troposphere. These are so-called damped oscillations. The frequencies are between 3 and 100 kHz with amplitudes up to 1000 times normal radio radiation. The main sources of sferics are thunderstorms, the lightning activity of which generates electromagnetic fields, and air-electric fluctuations, which are caused by the movement and friction of large air masses.

Sferics vs. EMF today

Even if Sferics are electromagnetic waves and although these already occur naturally, they can in no way be compared with the permanent exposure of our entire life through artificial electromsog.

This difference between natural electromagnetic radiation and the electrosmog artificially generated by humans in the course of digitization is so striking that it became necessary to make this difference audible. Note: From about minute 1:40 our electromagnetic world begins since 2019.

SFERICS® as a brand

We deliberately chose the term SFERICS® as the brand name for our building biology technology shop. The name is program. Nature is our role model. Thanks to highly developed technology, it is now possible for us to create a living environment close to nature, despite the modern digital way of life. Healthy building biology in electrics, radio and light as an essential basis for a fulfilling life.

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