General Terms and Conditions for SFERICS® of Webdeals Shops GmbH

  1. Order and contract agreement
    You have chosen the product that you want and you want to order on the shop. You can correct all of the information provided until your order has been dispatched. Only send your order to SFERICS® when you have checked your information on the last order page. After your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order. You will also find all additional information about the payment process and the delivery. The order of the item follows the transmission of the filled out order form in an online procedure. The order is accepted (conclusion of the contract) after checking your order and payment.
  2. Payment and delivery
    The SFERICS® webshop offers several payment options, some of which have an additional fee. The item is generally shipped within 24 hours on business days, except for “Pre-payment”. If the item cannot be delivered fully, we will immediately inform you and reserve the right of partial delivery or volume reductions. Possible delayed deliveries by SFERICS® do not entitle you to compensation. If you opt for delivery by means of a parking permit, you thereby accept the supplementary conditions of a parking permit (
  3. Buyer and recipient as client
    For orders with delivery to third parties (for example, as a gift recipient), the customer is the client. If the delivery is made to a third party in their favor or if the recipient of the delivery is enriched by the possession and further use of the delivery in another way, the purchaser and the recipient of the delivery are jointly regarded as the principal. By placing such an order, the customer tacitly assures that the consignee has given his consent.
  4. Payment by invoice and financing
    In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment methods. Payment is to be made to Klarna.

    1. Pay in [14] days: The payment period is 14 days from shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. You can find the complete terms and conditions for the markets where this payment method is available here: Germany and Austria.
    2. Slice it: With the financing service from Klarna you can pay your purchase in flexible or fixed monthly instalments according to the conditions stated in the checkout. The instalment payment is due at the end of each month after submission of a separate monthly invoice by Klarna. Further information regarding Slice It including terms and conditions and Standard European Consumer Credit Information you can find here for the markets where this payment method is available: Austria and Germany.
    3. Direct Debit: Available in Germany and Austria. Your account will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service ​or in case of a subscription in accordance with the timelines communicate​d. You will be notified about the date(s) by email.
    4. Card Payments: Available in Germany. The amount will be reserved on your card and will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. In case of a subscription the amount will be debited in accordance with the timelines communicate​d.
  5. Payment via crypto currency
    You can also conveniently pay with cryptocurrencies in the SFERICS® webshop. The purchase of the selected products is made in € currency and is paid for after the purchase via Bitcoin or Altcoin as a foreign currency at the current exchange rate via the Coinbase service – i.e. “Bitcoin & Altcoin to the value of the ordered sum in euros”. In the event of cancellation of the order, the refund will be made in euros for the amount ordered. This avoids any exchange rate fluctuations for the customer as well as for Webdeals Shops GmbH. It is up to Webdeals Shops GmbH to decide whether the repayment is made in euros or in the cryptocurrency of the customer payment in the value of the ordered sum in euros.
  6. Intra-Community deliveries B2B
    Registered European companies with a UID (sales tax identification number) have the option of ordering products tax-free as intra-community deliveries. To do this, use the “UID number” field on the checkout page. After entering your UID number, we carry out the legally mandatory live check via the EU’s VAT ID check cloud service. Upon confirmation, the order will be switched to tax-free prior to the payment process. A subsequent correction of the order to an intra-community delivery is possible, but very time-consuming. The resulting processing costs are charged at € 20 excl. VAT and are already taken into account in the repayment amount.
  7. Shipping costs for delivery
    The final shipping costs for deliveries in Germany and abroad are displayed in the shop after entering the shipping address before completing the order. The shipping costs can be queried here in advance.
  8. Right of withdrawal / Cancellation policy
    See the detailed withdrawal page.
  9. Complaints
    The person who receives the item must immediately check it for integrity and accuracy. We take reclaimed goods back within 14 days after delivery. Please share the reason for the complaint via e-mail.
  10. Automatic returns / Cost allocation
    In the event of withdrawal, we ask you to return the goods to us. The costs of the return are to be borne by the customer. Commissions and fees to the payment service provider selected by the customer, which are not refunded to us, are charged to the customer. A freight collect return will not be accepted or these return fees will be charged to the customer. We use a parcel service that can be tracked with a tracking link and assume the additional charge for the customer. With this parcel notification service, the customer has the option of redirecting the parcel until shortly before delivery, thereby enabling the parcel service to deliver the delivery as best as possible. Despite all the supporting systems, doorstep deliveries are not a mandatory part of fulfilling an order.Automatic returns are equivalent to a cancellation and are handled identically. Automatic returns include:

    • the non-acceptance of the order / delivery, or
    • no deliverability by the instructed parcel service, or
    • no pickup of the goods in the parcel shop (if any) despite appropriate information by the parcel service or parcel tracking link. (Explanation: the appointed parcel service is required to carry out door-to-door delivery, but this door-to-door delivery can no longer be guaranteed (eg driving bans, stopping, traffic, staff shortages, etc.) due to challenging and aggravating issues in parcel delivery Customer with the order the readiness of the package pickup also in the parcel shop of the parcel service).
  11. Offer and price
    All offers on the SFERICS® webshop are non-binding. Because the shop offer is reworked regularly, the given price applies at the moment of ordering. All previous prices become invalid after the shop inventory or an item has been updated. In the case of deliveries abroad, the customer may have to pay customs and/or taxes.
  12. Retention of title
    The product remains our property until the client has paid the full amount.
  13. Liability
    We are not liable for any faults or technical problems that can occur on the Internet. The Austrian law applies.
  14. Liability for content
    The information on this website is given for general information and is non-binding.
  15. Disclaimer for the contents of linked sites
    There are several links to other manufacturers’ pages on this website. We would like to stress that we have no influence on the content or design of the pages that we link to. Therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for the currency, accuracy, or integrity of the information on these pages. We expressly distance ourselves from all of the contents of these sites. This explanation applies to all of the links to external sites on our website and their contents.
  16. Image rights
    Webdeals Shops GmbH owns all image rights to images in the shop. Use without our express consent is not permitted.
  17. Privacy & confidentiality policy
    See our privacy policy according to GDPR.
  18. Severability clause / Miscellaneous
    The invalidity of individual provisions of these Terms & Conditions or this contract of sale does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The legal regulation will replace the invalid provision.